Specialists in Energy Efficient Hot Water Systems


Specialists in Energy Efficient Hot Water Systems


Innovative build-on-site thermal water storage systems

Welcome to SIRAC

At SIRAC, we design, supply and install energy efficient hot water systems for commercial and industrial applications. Our brands of hot water heat pumps produce hot water at a fraction of the running cost of traditional water heating systems.

SIRAC also offers a range of unique Hot Water Storage Systems designed and manufactured locally by SIRAC Southern Africa. These thermal storage systems are ideal for centralised hot water storage in commercial and residential buildings.

At its core, SIRAC is a refrigeration company that understands refrigeration and heat pumps. We are geared to provide the necessary expertise and back up to ensure that our clients received unparalleled service and efficiency. The key to SIRACs continued growth is a total commitment to the highest standards of product quality and customer satisfaction. These standards are achieved through strict adherence to rigorous quality controls at every step; from engineering, machining, manufacturing and assembly to delivery and after sale support. SIRAC’s participation in ISO and SABS Certification programs further demonstrate its commitment to quality.

If you have a requirement for hot water, no matter the application, we can help you design an efficient and cost effective solution that complies with the highest standards for energy efficiency.

Our Products

  • Thermal Hot Water Storage
    Thermocube Hot Water Storage systems offer a fresh approach to centralised hot water storage providing heated sanitised water through an...
  • Hot Water Heat Pump
    SIRAC Commercial Hot Water Heat Pumps are specifically designed to work efficiently in South African climatic conditions. With attention to...
  • High Temperature Heat Pumps
    Break-through heat pump technology enables the SIRAC High temperature heat pumps to maintain water temperatures up to 85°C! This product...
  • Heat Pump Geyser
    Phnix Integrated Geyser Heat Pumps provide an attractive and compact, energy saving hot water system suitable for homes, apartment complexes...
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    New On The Market Save 70% of your water heat costs with the stylish and efficient PHNIX Integrated Heat Pump Geyser. Contact Us For A Quote Today  ...
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