Heat Pump Geyser

How It Works

The Phnix Integrated Heat Pump Geyser combines a SANS 151 – 316L Stainless Steel geyser and an energy efficient R134a heat pump to give you an attractive and compact, energy saving hot water system. The PHNIX Heat Pump Geyser is SANS 151 compliant and fulfils the SANS10400 AX2 requirements for new homes.

The Equipment is built to the highest specifications insuring extremely low standing losses and superior hot water delivery. The system is rated for use up to 600kPa and can be fitted to match any domestic installation.

Phnix Integrated Geyser Heat Pumps provide an attractive and compact, energy saving hot water system suitable for homes, apartment complexes and office blocks. This product is SANS-151 compliant and simplifies the integration of hot water systems into the XA 10400 regulations.

There are two Phnix models available, a 200L – 1.8kW model and a 300L – 2.3kW model. This heat pump system replaces the need for the installation of a standard geyser in your home. The PHNIX unit is positioned vertically in an appropriate location, usually the garage or storeroom. The Unit provides pressurised hot water at temperatures up to 65°C. The hot water cylinder is extremely well insulated ensuring that a minimum amount of heat is lost through the jacket casing.

The heating of the water is provided by a low energy 134a heat pump system that is mounted above the hot water cylinder. The heat pumps condenser jackets the hot water cylinder rapidly and efficiently transferring the heat from the refrigerant to the water. Because the condenser wraps the tank there is no need for hot water circulation pumps generally associated with split type domestic heat pumps. The heat pump has no chance of fouling and with no long pipe runs the energy from the heat pump is directed to the tank with far fewer losses.

This product provides a simple solution that is easy to install and quick to maintain. Built to the highest quality levels the PHNIX integrated heat pump system fits neatly within any residence.

Key benefits of the Heat Pump Geyser

  • Save up to 70% of your water heating cost with no change in usuage patern.
  • Simplified installation, plumbed as a standard geyser with no complicated interconnecting pipework.
  • Quiet operation, with no unsighjtly panels or external fittings.
  • Intelligent Defrost Contol allows the unit to operate at low ambient conditions.
  • Dual temperature sensors installed at the top and bottom of the tank, together with an intelligent controll, provide accurate temperature control of the hot water.

Heat Pump Geyser Features

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The water storage tank is fabricated out of 316L stainless steel and is rated to 600kPa working pressure. With superior corrosion resistance offering extended lifespan and water cleanliness.



High density foam insulation, which is up to 50mm think, ensures excellent heat insullation and expecitionally low standing losses.



Hydrophilic evaporator fin coating improves the efficiency and provides corrosion protection to the fins of the evaporator coli. The centrifugal evaporator fan is extremelly quiet and suitable for ducting.

The compressor and fan compartment is easy to access.



The heat pumps condenser jackets the hot water cylinder rapidly and efficiently transferring the heat from the refrigerant to the water.



Intelligent, easy to operate touch-screen controller. Incorporates various intelligent operating modes, customizable to varying user requirements.



PHNIX remote control enables you to access your heat pump via the iPhone App. Downloadable from the App Store.



A proprietary inlet water diffuser prevents the cold water entering the geyser from mixing with the hot water.

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