High Temperature Heat Pumps

How Does It Work

Sirac offers a range of High Temperature Heat Pumps that are capable of efficiently producing hot water up to 85°c.

These units are purpose manufactured for this application. The heart of the unit is the SIRAC Scroll compressor that is specifically designed for high temperature heat pump applications. This compressor has exceptional discharge temperature management and together with a special patented discharge valve and other proprietary features, it allows the operation envelope to be reliably stretched well beyond that of traditional medium temperature and competitors units.

Break-through heat pump technology enables the SIRAC High temperature heat pumps to maintain water temperatures up to 85°C! This product is ideal for process plant applications and hot water ring main sanitation.

Environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant has been chosen to maximise the efficiency and reliability of the heat pump.
This is truly an exceptional product with a well – proven track record in South Africa.

The high temperature water makes it very suitable for commercial hot water applications like, abattoirs, dairies, laundries, drying facilities, chemical plants, food processing plants etc.
The ability to heat water well beyond the typical 60°c range makes this product suitable for the prevention and control of Legionella.

With the recent introduction of SANS 893-1, Legionnaires’ disease Part 1: Risk management and SANS 893-2, Legionnaires’ disease Part 2: The control of Legionella in water systems, the SIRAC high temperature heat pump offers a sanitizing solution for the ring main reticulation system. These heat pumps can be set to periodically heat the water to ≥ 65°c.

High Temperature Heat Pumps Features

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SIRAC Scroll compressor

This compressor is specifically designed for high temperature heat pump applications. Excellent Discharge Temperature Management to Stretch Operation Envelope.



The use of the Electronic expansion valve (EEV) shifts the SIRAC products to a whole new level. The EEV increases the efficiency, reliability and performance. In the world of heat pumps, the EEV is the greatest advancement since the Scroll Compressor.



The proprietary SIRAC Coaxial Tube in Tube heat exchanger is made by SIRAC. The special coaxial design provides exceptional heat transfer and reduces tube fouling.



Hydrophilic-coated evaporator fins reduce corrosion and provide excellent heat transfer. Tubes are mechanically bonded to the fins.



The SIRAC programmable controller offers accurate temperature control with advanced features that protect and manages the efficient operation of the unit. The controller has a fault diagnostic feature that prevents and reduces service call outs. The unit is provided with a backlit wired remote display for easy access.



Environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant. Refrigerant R417a has been specifically selected for its low operating temperatures and pressures. This has a huge impact in the operating conditions of the compressors.



High volume, low noise evaporator fans designed to improve efficiency and energy transfer rate. Additional airflow required with the use of R134a.

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