System Design and Engineering
SIRAC’S team of engineers help simplify and streamline the design process for the professional industry. Our wealth of knowledge and experience enable us to provide the client or designer with quick information and component selection advice.

Our broad and carefully selected product range ensures that we select the right component for the job at hand. Each installation is tailored to meet the client’s exact needs rather than bending
their requirement to fit the product.

SIRAC is a pioneering company. It was the the first company to launch commercially available domestic hot water heat pumps in South Africa and now, with the launch of the THERMOCUBE™ indirect thermal hot water heating system, this flat pack “install on site” storage system is set to revolutionise the hot water industry in South Africa. It’s clever design enables the engineer to position it in hard to reach locations solving the all too common “where to put it” problem.

We offer a full design and supply service. With its experience and expertise and through careful consideration of health and consumption factors, SIRAC will ensure that you and your clients receive the best energy efficient water heating solution available.

Discovering the best solution for your unique needs