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Thermal Hot Water Storage



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How Does It Work

As an alternative to standard pressurized hot water vessels SIRAC can offer a low-pressure thermal storage system incorporating a manifolded high-pressure 316L stainless steel heat exchanger set.

The vessel is manufactured out of a reinforced 60mm polyurethane panels. These panels are shipped as a flat pack set and are assembled onsite. This reduces shipping charges and allows the tanks to be assembled in ‘hard to get to’ areas. Once the tank frame has been assembled it is lined with an EPDM liner. This tank liner is specifically designed for high temperature and long lifespan applications.

Thermocube Hot Water Storage systems offer a fresh approach to centralised hot water storage providing heated sanitised water through an indirect heat transfer process.

Water from the mains flows through the heat exchanger set and gathers up energy stored by the stationary water in the tank. The temperature of the thermal store is maintained by SIRAC...
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Hot Water Heat Pump

How Does It Work

A heat pump is a highly efficient, cost effective method of heating water. It utilizes the sun’s free energy by extracting heat from the sun-warmed air and transferring it efficiently to the water. Because the heat pump moves the free heat from the outside air to the water, rather than create heat, as a fossil fuel or electric resistance heater does, it can heat your geyser water for up to 70% less cost than other less efficient methods. As the ambient temperatures changes, the heating output of a heat pump will vary. However, even when temperatures are cooler the heat pump continues to transfer heat between air and water. SIRAC heat pumps are designed to operate between -5°c and 40°c ambient temperature.

SIRAC Commercial Hot Water Heat Pumps are specifically designed to work efficiently in South African climatic conditions. With attention to detail and innovative technology SIRAC is a commercial leader in the Hot Water Heat Pump industry

The SIRAC commercial unit is a direct result of our vast experience, observations and field testing that has taken place...
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High Temperature Heat Pumps

How Does It Work

Sirac offers a range of High Temperature Heat Pumps that are capable of efficiently producing hot water up to 85°c.

These units are purpose manufactured for this application. The heart of the unit is the SIRAC Scroll compressor that is specifically designed for high temperature heat pump applications. This compressor has exceptional discharge temperature management and together with a special patented discharge valve and other proprietary features, it allows the operation envelope to be reliably stretched well beyond that of traditional medium temperature and competitors units.

Break-through heat pump technology enables the SIRAC High temperature heat pumps to maintain water temperatures up to 85°C! This product is ideal for process plant applications and hot water ring main sanitation.

Environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant has been chosen to maximise the efficiency and reliability of the heat pump. This is truly an exceptional product with a...
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Heat Pump Geyser

How It Works

The Phnix Integrated Heat Pump Geyser combines a SANS 151 – 316L Stainless Steel geyser and an energy efficient R134a heat pump to give you an attractive and compact, energy saving hot water system. The PHNIX Heat Pump Geyser is SANS 151 compliant and fulfils the SANS10400 AX2 requirements for new homes.

The Equipment is built to the highest specifications insuring extremely low standing losses and superior hot water delivery. The system is rated for use up to 600kPa and can be fitted to match any domestic installation.

Phnix Integrated Geyser Heat Pumps provide an attractive and compact, energy saving hot water system suitable for homes, apartment complexes and office blocks. This product is SANS-151 compliant and simplifies the integration of hot water systems into the XA 10400 regulations.

There are two Phnix models available, a 200L – 1.8kW model and a 300L –...

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