Thermal Hot Water Storage



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How Does It Work

As an alternative to standard pressurized hot water vessels SIRAC can offer a low-pressure thermal storage system incorporating a manifolded high-pressure 316L stainless steel heat exchanger set.

The vessel is manufactured out of a reinforced 60mm polyurethane panels. These panels are shipped as a flat pack set and are assembled onsite. This reduces shipping charges and allows the tanks to be assembled in ‘hard to get to’ areas. Once the tank frame has been assembled it is lined with an EPDM liner. This tank liner is specifically designed for high temperature and long lifespan applications.

Thermocube Hot Water Storage systems offer a fresh approach to centralised hot water storage providing heated sanitised water through an indirect heat transfer process.

Water from the mains flows through the heat exchanger set and gathers up energy stored by the stationary water in the tank. The temperature of the thermal store is maintained by SIRAC heat pumps or any other efficient heating system. These machines constantly agitate the water in the tank ensuring efficient heat transfer from the tank to the coils.

The size of the heat exchanger set is determined by the expected maximum volume demand of the hot water system.

Key Benefits of the Thermal Hot Water Storage Unit

  • 316L Heat Exchanger.
  • Only Sanitized water is fed into the hot water system.
  • Tank is at atmospheric pressure – no safety valve required.
  • No mandatory pressure vessel safety inspections required.
  • Ring main under mains pressure.
  • Bacteria (Legionella) free – due to the very low water volume in the heat exchanger and the fast water replacement rate.
  • Low risk of scaling. Special smooth spiral tubing insures that the lime scale does not get a chance to adhere to the surface.
  • Counter flow heat exchanger arrangement with “reverse return” piping to insure that each circuit has the same pressure drop.
  • Large bore tubing to increase heat exchanger surface area and insures a low water pressure drop.
  • Pressure may be supplied to the building higher than the standard 4Bar tank ratings.
  • Special spiral tubing creates high water turbulence, which results in exceptional heat transfer.
  • No electric elements in the tank.
  • Standard 5-year warranty.

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Thermal Hot Water Storage Features

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Heat Exchangers

316L stainless steel heat exchangers are suspended in the hot water for exceptional efficient heat transfer.


Circulating Pumps

Hot water pumps circulate the water between the tank and the heat source. These pumps also agitate the water in the tank improving heat transfer.


Heat Source

Heat Pumps, Gas, Solar, Waste Heat Recovery or other heat source provides the energy to heat the water in the tank..


Unique manifold design

The purpose made rectangular profile 316L stainless steel manifold distribute the mains water equally through the heat exchanger. The manifold and heat exchanger design ensures a very low water pressure drop and serves to reinforce the tank structure.


Cold Water Inlet

Cold sanitised municipal water enters the heat exchanger manifold at mains pressure & Hot Water Outlet – Hot water leaves the Heat Exchanger manifold providing hot water to the building.


EPDM Rubber Liner

The Firestone Geomembrane liner is pre-manufactured to fit the specific dimensions of the tanks. The liner is moulded from the EPDM elastomeric membrane which has an excellent combination of high elasticity and tensile strength. EPDM is extremely well suited for hot water application.


Polyurethane Panels

The polyurethane panels are the key feature of this tank. They are specially designed to slot into each other for ease of assembly. These panels are constructed from 36kg/m3 polyurethane, foamed between two Chromadek sheets.

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