Viessmann Group company SIRAC
  • ABOUT Sirac Gas Heating Systems

Where Natural piped Town Gas is available, SIRAC may assist with design, supply and installation of both, DIRECT and INDIRECT Gas fueled Hot Water Systems.

With its focus on commercial projects, SIRAC can implement the most efficient solution possible.

This may include a hybrid solution, utilizing Commercial High Capacity Boilers or Multiple Residential systems coupled with ThermocubeTM Storage and SIRAC Heat Pumps offering extremely high efficiency and reliability.

With heat pump capacities sized to accommodate the base load of the facility (this would include the standing ring main losses, hand washing and building cleaning) and the gas heating system and ThermocubeTM storage buffer sized to accommodate the maximum demand throughout the peak periods.

This best of both improves efficiency, lowers running costs and reduces capital expenditure and at the same time, allows for greatly variable loads.

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