An air to water heat pump is a highly efficient, cost-effective water heater. Using a refrigeration vapour compression cycle, itextracts the free heat from the sun-warmed air and efficiently transfers it to the water. Because the heat pump moves the free heat from the outside air to the water, rather than generate heat from an energy source such as electricity or fossil fuels, it can heat water at up to 70% less cost than these other costly methods. As the ambient temperature changes, the heating output of a heat pump varies. However, even when temperatures are cooler the heat pump continues to transfer heat from the air to the water.

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The success of the SIRAC Heat pump is a direct result of our vast experience, observations, field testing and close collaboration with the design engineers that have taken place since our first installations in 2007. Our heat pumps have been specifically designed to accommodate the requests from installers and engineers and the wide temperature and altitude conditions experienced in Africa.

The SIRAC comprehensive heat pump range provides outstanding performance and efficiency over a wide spectrum of operating conditions and applications.

Commercial Heat Pumps for domestic sanitary hot water applications.

Efficient and powerful, the heat pumps run with environmentally friendly R410a refrigerant, providing superior efficiency over our winter and summer ambient conditions. Designed to produce water up to 60°C.

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High-Temperature Specific Heat Pumps.

Break-through heat pump technology enables the SIRAC High-temperature heat pumps to maintain water temperatures up to 80°C. This product is ideal for Health Sector & Process Plant Applications such as abattoirs, dairies, laundries, drying facilities, chemical plants and food processing plants.

Environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant has been chosen to maximise the efficiency and reliability of the heat pump.

The compressor has exceptional discharge temperature management and together with other proprietary features, it allows the operation envelope to be reliably stretched well beyond that of traditional medium-temperature heat pump units.

The ability to heat water well beyond the typical 60°C range makes this product suitable for the prevention and control of Legionella.

When operating at 65°C water, the SIRAC APEX scroll compressor operates in a very safe, stable and efficient part of the operating envelope. This results in an exceptionally high COP. and reliability.

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Low Ambient – space heating applications.

This product is specifically designed to heat water in low ambient conditions for applications such as underfloor heating and space heating where high water temperatures are not required. Using Refrigerant R404a, these heat pumps are extremely efficient when providing 40°C – 45°C hot water at very low winter ambient conditions. The product is designed to operate in harsh European winter conditions. This makes the unit even more efficient when operated in the African milder winter conditions.

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Swimming pool and aquaculture heat pumps.

Supplied with a Titanium heat exchanger, which is virtually impervious to chlorine, hydrochloric acid, salt and other chemicals. This heat pump has been engineered to heat corrosive water to 40°C. The large bore 50mm full flow connections on the heat exchangers also allow for light undissolved solids and waste matter to flow through the heat exchanger without fouling. This makes the unit the perfect solution for aquaculture and swimming pool applications.

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  • Attractive, well-engineered product.
  • Strong local support and service back up.
  • ISO 9000 Manufacturing facility.
  • Modbus Connectivity via RS485 port. Offering read/ write connectivity, remote access and diagnostic information.
  • Simple uncomplicated design.
  • Three-year compressor warranty.
  • Large Spacious easy service access.
  • Sturdy steel base that provides rigidity to the frame structure.
  • Heavy gauge galvanized steel panels and frame, epoxy painted after manufacture. An option for 304 Stainless Steel is available for coastal installations.
  • V–design evaporator coil with coil guards are available for larger models. This configuration reduces the chance of hail damage to the coil face.
  • Designed to meet with European energy standards. The evaporator coils are designed to operate down to -20°C ambient temperatures. This makes the unit extremely efficient when operated in the African mild climate


SIRAC Heat Pumps are all supplied with an easy to operate, factory wired remote microprocessor control system providing diagnostic control of the unit and RS485 Modbus connectivity. The electronic expansion valves maintain precise refrigerant metering and are controlled by the microprocessor.

The compressors have been selected for their exceptional reliability and performance. All necessary refrigeration safety controls, a remote on/off switch and a circulating pump contactor are controlled by the microprocessor.

The unit has a purpose manufactured tube in tube heat exchanger that provides excellent efficiency and reduces tube fouling. Spacious compressor and electrical compartments provide easy access for servicing and maintenance.

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