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  • ABOUT Sirac Heat Recovery Systems

Recovering the heat rejected by a building’s air conditioning system offers the highest level of water heating efficiency, so long as the chiller units are designed for this application.

For total recovery, a water-cooled condenser is installed upstream of the air-cooled condenser. Partial recovery may be carried out by a “desuperheater exchanger” installed on the compressor discharge.

Heat recovery is ideally suited to applications where simultaneous cooling and heating are required such as hospitals, hotels and commercial buildings. As with most facilities in Africa, there is a relatively consistent space cooling load. This load often far outweighs the required hot water heating capacity.

During periods where hot water heating is required, the recovery system can absorb the heat energy usually rejected to the atmosphere by the chiller or cooling towers and use that energy to heat the potable water. It is best to do this through an indirect process utilizing the ThermocubeTM as this simplifies the connections and reduces contamination between systems.

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