“Gas heating in combination with high-efficiency heat pumps and the energy-saving THERMOCUBE ™ heat accumulators provide an extremely cost-effective and efficient solution for variable heating loads” 

SIRAC’S team of engineers simplify and streamline the design process for the professional industry. Our wealth of knowledge and experience in the hot water heating industry enables us to provide clients and design engineers with quick information and component selection advice.

Our broad and carefully selected product range ensures that we select the correctly matched components for each job. The installations are tailored to meet the client’s exact needs rather than adjusting their requirement to fit the product.

One such project is the Hybrid – Heat Pump Natural, Gas Heating System at The Capital on the Park – Sandton

The system was designed to accommodate Highveld winter ambient conditions between-3°C and +40°C. With an expected peak occupancy of 644 people, the Hybrid Plant provides 60,000 litres of hot water per day

Supplied and Installed:

Two 31kW SIRAC Apex (high-temperature R134a) heat pumps were selected and installed to maintain the base/off-peak heating load of the building. This included the standing ring main losses, hand washing and building cleaning.

Twelve Internally mounted, gas-fuelled heaters fed by the Egoli natural gas pipeline are installed to accommodate the hot water demand throughout the peak periods. These heaters provide high-capacity heating with the ability to re-heat the full storage system within one hour.

Two SIRAC 7,500L THERMOCUBE ™ Accumulator Tanks are installed to provide a constant supply of hot water. The low-pressure storage system with internal 316L stainless steel heat exchangers ensures that regulated temperature hot water is efficiently supplied to the building at all times. This eliminates the fluctuating supply water temperatures often experienced with high-capacity gas heating systems.

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